Fly Fishing in The Panama Canal

Fly Fishing in Gatun Lake Panama Canal is a lot of fun and successful fishing. We mostly fly fish for Peacock Bass, although, Snook and Tarpon are caught by the more proficient fly fishermen in this majestic landmark.

Gatun Lake is a great spot for our anglers to fly fish.  Areas surrounded by the rainforest jungle that blocks the northern winds, plus river that enters Gatun Lake, especially turns into a great place for your flies to have a better outcome while fishing for peacock bass. 5/6 or 7 weight with floating lines are normal. For Snook and Tarpon 8 to 12 weight.

Fly Fishing for Tarpon is also great in the Bayano River. East of Panama

The Bayano River is well known for Silver King (Tarpon) and for Snook. The kicker is catching the Tarpon in this river. This particular fish (Megalops Atlanticus) transited the canal about 80 years ago and now made it into the Pacific side and is abundant in the Bayano River. A mid-tide is crucial to a successful trip.

Our conservation company  PANAMA TARPON CONSERVATION is working on a project to create public & international awareness, of this understudied migration behavior and the importance of proper catch and release methods plus tagging programs for local & international sport fishermen. This will allow our guests to tag their fish in their names. To sponsor a tag  please contact us at

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