San Blas Archipelago Fishing

Gunas are one of the most iconic native groups in the Americas holding a semi-autonomous status within a country. These people who dominate the eastern Caribbean coast still maintain their ancestral traditions within this idyllic Island paradise. We dear you to time travel with us hundreds of years into the past to experience part of this millenary clan.

Most people go to Guna Yala to see the famous women well known for their colorful attire and famous Mola tapestry. Still loyal to our specialty, our desire is for our clients to fish the Caribbean flats for an array of fish and join the experts Guna Indians in their quest to catch Big Red Snapper, Grouper, King Fish and many others. Fly Fishermen, this is a great area for you to test your accuracy in clear Flats for some great sight fishing. We target bonefish and Permit among other snappers, tarpon and snook.

Although precarious in technology advances, San Blas it is the ideal destination for nature lovers. Are you an Outdoors person? San Blas is the place for you. Gunas are great divers and will take you to experience some great snorkeling areas and stunning coral reefs. At night, you can delight yourselves with the local gastronomy. Lobster, crabs, coconut rice and your catch of the day.

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